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In The Middle

I am in the middle of this place of conviction in the midst of a village of community in the middle of this nest of surrender in the midst of these clouds of stillness. And I am still. I worshiped tonight in a chapel in a convent among women who have given their heart and […]

Where Are You?

Birthday Week. Wow, we have had a great one – and it’s still not over! Three more days (and a few more stories). Our team has been full of inspiration and marketing ideas and benefit planning and wheels turning and as for me?……Reflection. I find myself in that place a lot. This week – I […]

He. Loves. You.

I am at my keyboard, yet again, typing out stories and more stories. Stories of children with broken hearts and broken lives. Strangely, it is healing for me. Children forced on the front lines of a battle they do not wish to fight in a war they desperately wish to end. But it is not […]

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