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  • DRC Power of Crayola

    The Power of ArtArt and expression are empowering mediums, especially for children — they provide a safe avenue to express and process emotions and experiences that children do not yet have the words to share.

  • media_photos_2

    Samuel - LRA SurvivorLooking at this amazing smile, one may never guess what these eyes have seen. At age 9, the LRA attacked Samuel’s home, killed both parents and abducted the children. Miraculously, he and his two sisters would survive several years as captives.
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  • 10644103_10152618255479566_8752365911890182481_o

    Rescued child soldiers receiving...Rescued child soldiers receiving their first Bibles! DR Congo

  • OS Bad Memories

    Art: A Safer Place for Samuel to HealArt is safe place for Samuel, and other child survivors, to process memories. For many, this expression becomes the first step on a path of healing and discovering hope.

  • media_photos_5

    Will you stand with us?Northern Uganda

  • media_photos_6

    Nighty - LRA Survivor

  • Uganda We Can Change the World

    We Can Change the WorldDenis - a rescued child soldier AND future peace leader. Now back with his family, he is driven to become a leader for peace to positively influence his community and country.

  • media_photos_8

    Future Leaders of UgandaFrom Rescued Child Soldiers to Future Leaders for Peace in northern Uganda

  • media_photos_7

    Nighty - LRA SurvivorCome meet Night. Visit the "STORIES" section of our blog to read powerful stories of redemption and transformation!

  • DRC PLC IMG_0884

    Program Graduate and leader!Since returning home, he has begun leading in one EI’s Village Peace Clubs AND has begun seeking out rebel soldiers (ones he once fought alongside) to teach them about conflict resolution and pursing a peaceful Congo! He’s preaching the good news of Christ and discipling them! Because of his former life as a rebel fighter, they have a sense of camaraderie with him and have been VERY receptive to learning from the message he brings.

  • Uganda RPG Handkerchief IMG 76112

    Releasing Past Traumas Through ArtWeekly group therapy incorporating art, music, dance and drama provide children with avenues to share their stories. For many, this expression becomes the first step on a path of healing and discovering hope.

  • Uganda Peace 7224

    A Bright Future Ahead

  • DRC PLC Beth Swinging

    "Every child should belongs to someone.""Every child should belongs to someone."
    - Bethany Haley Williams, The Color of Grace

  • DRC PLC HC Believe 0183


  • CF008383

    Meet DillishAfter years in captivity, Dillish managed to find a way to escape and was was reunited with her grandmother. Now that Dillish has a sponsor, she's able to attend school and is receiving the holistic, rehabilitative care needed to heal the wounds of trauma.

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