Be an Ambassador

Exile International is dedicated to empowering children of war to become leaders for peace. We dedicate ourselves to being the voice of those who are not heard. 

But we need YOU to make it happen. How can you help?  By becoming a part of the Ambassador Project!

Our dream is to have a special group of dedicated supporters called Ambassadors in communities all across the globe sharing the story of these children.
We want you to be an advocate for peace with us.
We want YOU to join their story.
We want to use YOUR voice.
There are many ways you can participate as an Ambassador.
Read below and find ways to be involved based on your own unique passions and skills.
Be a voice for change and be creative and bold in how you do it!

Be An Informed Advocate

  • Be an advocate for our mission. Stay up to date by checking our website, reading our blog, and following us on social media. Then share those updates with your friends!
  • Take the time to research the situation in East Africa yourself. Doing so connects you with the cause and increases your awareness so you can share the story more accurately with your community.
  • Speak up for those whose voices cannot be heard. We would love for you to share the story of the children, the war, and the mission of Exile International. You can share anywhere and everywhere! Try sharing at your church, in your office break room, or with your friends over dinner. Stay up to date and simply work it into conversations. Action requires awareness, and awareness requires information. Sharing the story is the first step.

Rock The Merch

  • Wearing our merchandise is an easy yet effective way to share our cause. Chances are, people will ask you where you bought it and what it’s about. This opens up the door for you to share about Exile, and most importantly, about the stories of thousands of war-affected children.
  • When they show interest, direct them to our online store to purchase their own Exile International merchandise! We can even send you an inventory of jewelry to keep around and sell yourself. Keep track of what you sell, contacting us when you need to be restocked, sell something that has a direct impact and makes a difference.

Host An Event

  • Events are a personal and social way to raise awareness about the things that are the most important to you. If you and a small group of your friends become advocates for our cause, we can reach more people and move closer towards peace.
  • heART for Africa parties are a great way to share the story of Exile International and the children we serve. You can host a party in your home, church, office, or neighborhood. These events take many different forms and allow the host to use their own creativity and passion. We will send you the necessary materials, including merchandise to sell and a video to share. It’s a fun, easy way to educate and involve the people around you.
  • Get your church or business involved.  Click here and contact us for more info!

Partner Your Way

  • We are always looking for bands to get behind our cause and spread the word or stores and cafes to sell our merchandise. If you know someone who rocks out on the weekends or has a local coffee shop or retail store, tell them about us and encourage them to get involved, too!
  • Once you choose to be an Ambassador, this project becomes your own. That can mean selling merchandise in your office, setting up a booth one morning at church, or hosting a party in your local pizza joint. Choose what is most effective for you and your community.

By choosing to be a part of the Ambassador project, you are choosing to be an advocate for peace. Thank you for joining this cause and spreading awareness that will lead to action and create lasting change in Congo and Eastern Africa.

Contact us with any questions about excelling as an ambassador.
We would love to communicate with you about how you can get involved and be a voice for change!

Happy to answer any questions! Jessie