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Meet Joshua

Restored and Empowered Less than two years ago, Joshua was rescued from a rebel army in DR Congo. Plagued by illness and nightmares from his time in captivity, the road to healing included major hurdles. Yet, with proper care, even these traumatic experiences and scars can be overcome. Trauma and Scars Can Be Overcome Through EI’s programs and […]

Inspire Children to #BELIEVE

inspire children to #believe How life-changing it can be to know someone believes in you! So powerful that EI aims to instill this in every child we serve. Join us by sharing an encouraging for these children — let them know you too believe in them! YOUR encouragement could impact lives! Share your belief in these children! It’s […]

Meet Nighty

Taken for 3 years As she was returning home from school, 7-year-old Nighty heard rumors that rebels were attacking near her village. She ran to hide with her aunt but they were soon separated. The rebels found her in the bush, alone. The LRA forced Nighty to walk until her feet were bloodied and raw to […]

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