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DRC Ground Update

In short — things were quite hairy for a while!  For a week, DR Congo echoed with riots and demonstrations over a controversial law-change its government was attempting to push through that would lengthen the unwanted tenure of DRC’s current President. In response to demonstrations, the government shut down internet connections across the country (just today being restored). Many […]

Book Announcement: “The Color of Grace” by EI’s Founder

 – Greetings from Congo… where UN helicopters are flying overhead, hot water and electricity are scarce, and joy abounds! I have some exciting news! For the past year, I have been working on a book, The Color of Grace. It is almost hard to believe that it’s now complete and available for pre-order! Writing this book […]

Give Back on Tuesday for Solomon

Celebrate #GivingTuesday with us December 2nd! Your impact will be DOUBLED through matching gifts and support children like Solomon. Help us raise $40,000 for rehabilitation programs! Solomon was abducted twice by Joseph Kony’s LRA rebel army. He was forced to see and do horrific things while in captivity. Incredibly, Solomon was rescued and, through the generous support […]

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