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Celebrating New Life

 Thank you for being a big part of their redemption stories… emotional, physical, and SPIRITUAL!  Through Christ-centered, holistic care programs addressing the needs of spirit, mind and body — rescued child soldiers and orphaned children are being restored. These young survivors are also being empowered to become leaders for peace through education, discipleship, and leadership development. And […]

Because of you their futures are bright

from child survivors of war to leaders for peace  Because of your faithfulness for the past 10 years… 4,300+ children healing their wounds — being restored and empowered through art therapy, trauma counseling, discipleship, peace-building, and leadership development 800 youth being educated — equipping and preparing each to pursue their dreams and serve as respected leaders in their communities 36 […]


Fiona Fiona is the youngest of six siblings. She lost her father in the war when she was 5 years old. Soon after her father’s death, Fiona’s mother became sick and was unable to care for her children. They were soon left alone — with only the children left to care for one another. Having […]

Harriet’s Journey

Harriet’s Journey To Hope & Wholeness  In a single day, Harriet lost everything. She was a young girl when the LRA (rebellion army) brutally killed her father — abducting her mother and siblings. Three long weeks later, Harriet’s mother returned to their village, but she was not the same. Her mother, Grace, was psychologically and physically […]

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