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Meet Nighty

Taken for 3 years As she was returning home from school, 7-year-old Nighty heard rumors that rebels were attacking near her village. She ran to hide with her aunt but they were soon separated. The rebels found her in the bush, alone. The LRA forced Nighty to walk until her feet were bloodied and raw to […]

Meet Martin

A CHILDHOOD TAKEN A Childhood Taken: Martin walked us to the very place where he had hid, fearing the rebels and fearing for his life. There, high in a tree, he hid and watched as the LRA rebels attacked his village. He had been just 12 years old. Sadly, at 12 years old, Martin was […]

Meet Kavira from D.R. Congo

War has taken much from Kavira… family members, freedoms and childhood. Yet to look Kavira in the eyes today is to see not a victim, but a survivor. A strong, beautiful survivor. At 14 years old, her village was attacked and burned to the ground. She, along with other boys and girls, were taken from their […]

Meet Arthur

from survivor to leader At 15, Arthur’s home, family and village were violently attacked by a rebel army. That day he was taken from his home and forced to become a child soldier… forced to see and engage in acts of destruction… forced to witness countless acts of murder and rape.   After 3 years, he […]

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