Art-Focused Trauma Care

Art provides a medium for children to process emotions & experiences they do not yet have the words to share.

Trauma can disrupt the brain’s language centers, making it difficult to express oneself to begin healing wounds of trauma.

Therapeutic programs incorporating music, dance, drama, and art provide war-affected children with avenues to share their stories — pain, loss, hopes, and dreams in a way that bypasses verbal language. Externalizing traumas is an integral and empowering step in each child’s journey of healing and recovery.

Processing their stories with caregivers and peers, children rebuild a sense of connection and normalcy once lost to extreme physical and emotional traumas. This is a key step in recovering what trauma has stolen.

For many, this expression becomes the first step on a path of healing and discovering hope.

ArT, Music, Dance & Drama

In African culture, music plays a key role in the way people celebrate and worship. Sharing their stories through song provides opportunities for individual healing and communal healing. Through the song of one child, many may learn they are not alone in their experiences — helping break down walls of isolation brought on by past trauma.

Incorporating drama into weekly group therapy provides the children with an avenue to not only share their stories of war, captivity, and rescue, but to build confidence, foster friendships, and develop language & communication skills.

Art & storytelling can bypass the limitations of language. When children draw their pain, they begin releasing the burdensome weight of heartaches and memories they may lack words to express. For many, this expression becomes the key step on a path of healing and rediscovering hope.⠀

In African culture, dance plays a significant role in the way people interact and relay historic events. Dance is not only another avenue for children to express and process their pain… it can also be a lot of fun! Dance, play and joy — every child needs these!


Christ-Centered & Holistic

Not only are they passionate — they are successfully replicating the care programs that restored their lives. With God’s help and through these empowered young men and women — good news is spreading and communities are being transformed!


Art-Focused Trauma Care

Using music, dance, drama, and art in trauma care provides a safe avenue for children to express and process their emotional wounds.



Education enables children to move from surviving to thriving! It empowers young men and women to escape poverty, to support families, and to develop their own communities.

Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, & Leadership Development

Conflict impacts all our lives. And in a region known for conflict — we’re empowering the next generation of influencers with the tools needed to overcome conflict and lead communities towards peace.


Graduate-Led Replication

Every year, EI is training and empowering more program graduates to launch care programs in their communities. These graduates and their influence are vital to ending cycles of violence and poverty throughout the region.

And so much more!

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