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Bombing in Displacement Camp

May 2024

Last Friday morning, we awoke to the tragic news…
At least 35 people killed when a displacement camp near Goma, DR Congo was bombed by Rwanda-funded M23 rebels. 

This camp had recently become the new home to over 300 Exile youth. They and thousands have now fled the camp because of this attack.

Just weeks ago, our U.S. team and Congo leadership team visited this camp to encourage and offer prayer for these resilient young people. Despite the trauma and fear, they expressed gratitude for being alive.

This is how we’re responding:

  • We’ve located all beneficiaries in the camp and assured their safety.
  • Exile staff are providing crisis management and on-going care.
  • Building multi-purpose pavilions (in displacement camps) to continue the Peace and Healing Programs. Providing youth with safety, continued care, and a sweet reminder of home.

The history:

The Congo war has been ongoing since 1996, but the need for care, funds, and programming remains urgent. The people of Congo cannot be forgotten. We invite you to join us in being part of the solution through financial support and prayer.

If you feel called to give, visit

Your support will make a tangible difference in the lives of these children, bringing hope and healing to those who need it most.

Thank you for your generosity and prayers.

Bethany and Matthew Williams
Exile International

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