Hiring: Uganda Country Liaison

Job Description

The strongest competitive advantage an organization possesses is the people who carry out its mission. Exile International is seeking a qualified and passionate Uganda Country Liaison to come alongside EI and partner with us in restoring rescued child survivors of war to become leaders for peace through art-focused trauma care and holistic, rehabilitative care.

The Uganda Country Liaison (UCL) role exists to provide strategic consultation, organizational support, and staff support to Exile International and our partners in Uganda. This individual is a bridge between the US and Uganda teams and serves from a place of honor, love, and wisdom to bring creative solutions and support to the programs on the ground. The ideal candidate is a servant leader with a no task is too small attitude. He/she will serve as a key communicator between Exile International (EI), Exile Uganda (EU) staff and board, the children and families served by EU, and other relevant stakeholders.

The UCL’s primary job duties include but are not limited to –– strategic program oversight, staff and board spiritual & emotional support, weekly phone calls with key EU staff, monthly visits with EU staff, monthly phone calls with EI leadership team, monthly field visits to check in on the quality of care provided in the communities, attending key meetings with relevant stakeholders (school heads, local government, vendors to assess pricing for goods/services provided in EU sponsorship program, etc). We are looking for a jack-of-all-trades who is able to think three steps ahead and bring a positive attitude to our fast-paced family.

The UCL position is a Northern Uganda based position, working closely with Exile’s Uganda Team & Board to provide strategic consultation & organizational support on the ground.

Key Job Tasks & Responsibilities

Promote and fulfill the mission and vision of Exile International

Primary Program Tasks – Observe, Consult, Report:

  • A minimum of one weekly phone call with the EU team:
    • Staying informed and consulting on team health, program strategy, policy implementation, and working toward goals.
    • Assessing if the programs are functioning properly – supporting the healing, safety, and empowerment of beneficiaries.
  • Provide encouragement and feedback that empowers staff to lead effectively in their individual roles and overall goals of EU
  • Minimum 1-2 monthly visits to EU office:
    • Periodically visiting one or multiple Peace Clubs– observing the EU staff leading Peace Club (if UCL leads any part of the Peace Club or counseling program, please ensure staff are present and able to learn from interaction)
    • Observe the quality and functioning of programs – providing feedback and consultation to staff
    • Facilitate counseling skills review as needed or invite other trained counselors to assess (based upon your observations and consultations with staff and children)
    • Meet with EU leadership, board, and team to understand progress, and challenges of the programming
    • Assess: Are programs achieving intended purposes and providing spiritually healthy, emotionally healthy, and consistent environment for beneficiaries?
    • Attend Quarterly EU board meetings
  • Reporting: observations, consultations and recommendations to EI – to be included in a monthly report to EI. Reports must be submitted via email to EI no later than the first of the month. Payment to UCL takes place after each report is submitted,  reviewed, and approved by EI; not before.
  • Program Assessments: 1-2 times a year (6-12 months), the UCL will conduct SCIF analysis of EU with core team members, and in some instances, the EU board. The goal is to assess organizational (program, staff, board) strengths, challenges, ideas, and way forward. UCL will share with EI leadership team and provide strategic oversight and recommendations for EU & EI.

Secondary Tasks (as needed):

  • Providing guidance in the use and implementation of program curriculum
  • Consult with EU to develop a follow-up plan for any child removed from school and/or Peace Clubs – including disciplinary plan, reunification with caregivers, and follow-up goals
  • Assist as the third party for EU major purchases ($1000 +)

Monthly Program Report 

UCL will provide EI with a brief, monthly survey and progress report for EI Uganda programs:

  • Providing cultural and professional guidance to EI for the purposes of serving the psychosocial needs of war-affected persons in Uganda.
  • Providing a brief, monthly report of your observations, consultations and recommendations.
  • Report to include:
    • Observations of each program – noting quality and progress of each program
    • Review of consultations made with EU/EI
    • Recommendations for EU/EI

Leadership Meetings

  • Monthly or Bi-Weekly Calls with between UCL and EI Managing Director
  • Twice-Yearly – Meeting with EI Directors and EI Board to review program progress and recommendations.
  • Attend Quarterly EU board meetings
  • Attend at least one monthly meeting with EU staff

Confidentiality Clause:

Because Exile International works with sensitive mental health information of children in Africa, we ask that only stories with expressed permission be shared with others. We also ask that all team members’ personal information and sensitive professional information be kept in confidence.



Talents Required

  • Committed to the mission and vision of Exile International;
  • Self-starter and motivated team player with the confidence to take the lead on projects, and humility to support those around them
  • Dependable and resourceful;
  • Teachable and open to feedback, bringing a positive attitude;
  • Adaptable to changing demands/deadlines/priorities;
  • Creative problem solver that possesses great ability to identify potential crises and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues;
  • Extremely detail oriented, logistical minded, very organized, with impeccable follow-through skills;
  • Assertive, positive personality. A “Go-Getter” who brings joy to those around them;
  • Mature orthodox Christian faith, as indicated by an agreement with EI’s Statement of Faith;

Skills Desired

  • Strong attention to detail & a commitment to accuracy;
  • Exceptional organizational skills, including effective time management and prioritization of competing demands and multiple deadlines;
  • Professional demeanor with strong written and oral communications;
  • Experience working in ministry and with children strongly preferred

Non-Negotiable Requirements

  • 1+ year of living and working in Uganda;
  • Must live in Northern Uganda (preferably in Lira or within short driving distance to Lira)
  • Strong communication skills, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Responding to messages within 24-48 hours

How to Apply

If you believe you would be a great addition to team Exile, please send the following application materials to hannah@exileinternational.org with the subject line “Executive Administrative Assistant Application”:

  • Résumé that includes all employment experience;
  • Pay history
  • position-specific cover letter and where you learned of this position; and
  • A brief narrative, which can be incorporated into your cover letter

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