Restoring former child soldiers and war-affected children to become
leaders for peace through art therapy and rehabilitative care.

Given enough time and God's power -
Africa's next generation will be soldiers of peace rather than soldiers of war.

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  • Formerly a Child Soldier, Now a Mentor and Leader

    - At 15, Augustin’s home, family and village were violently attacked by a rebel army. That day he was taken from his home and forced to become a child soldier… forced to see and engage in acts of destruction… forced to witness countless acts of murder and rape. After 3 years, he finally had an […]

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  • So thankful to partner with YOU!

    We are so thankful to partner with YOU! Why? Because together, we get to restore children of war to become leaders for peace!  Through this, God brought healing to over 1,000 former child soldiers and war-affected children!   What you helped make possible in 2013:   450 war-affected children receiving comprehensive, rehabilitative care: physical care, emotional care, spiritual […]

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