Restoring former child soldiers and war-affected children to become
leaders for peace through art therapy and rehabilitative care.

Given enough time and God's power -
Africa's next generation will be soldiers of peace rather than soldiers of war.

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  • Help 110 Child Survivors Win $10,000

    1 minute of your could to transform lives… Vote Now & Help 110 Child Survivors Win $10,000 that will give them holistic care, healing and hope The cause with the most votes wins. Don’t miss out on EXTRA votes for sharing. Help child survivors of war win $10,000 that will transform their lives! CLICK – […]

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  • One at a time. That’s how you change the world.

    Sometimes something touches your heart so deeply that “doing nothing” isn’t an option anymore. It becomes more about finding a way to make a change than it is about finding excuses. Not because the fear goes away, but because the hunger to do Something is deeper than being afraid. That’s how Exile International was born. It was […]

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