Restoring former child soldiers and war-affected children to become
leaders for peace through art therapy and rehabilitative care.

Given enough time and God's power -
Africa's next generation will be soldiers of peace rather than soldiers of war.

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  • Meet Kavira from D.R. Congo

    War has taken much from Kavira… family members, freedoms and childhood. Yet to look Kavira in the eyes today is to see not a victim, but a survivor. A strong, beautiful survivor. Kavira has a passion for Christ and a passion for serving others.  Last year, she graduated high school AND completed EI’s Young Peacemaker Program. For over a year she’s invested into lives […]

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  • Formerly a Child Soldier, Now a Mentor and Leader

    - At 15, Augustin’s home, family and village were violently attacked by a rebel army. That day he was taken from his home and forced to become a child soldier… forced to see and engage in acts of destruction… forced to witness countless acts of murder and rape. After 3 years, he finally had an […]

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