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Champion a Child


Become a Child Champion

Child champions provide everything a child needs — meeting their basic needs and providing invaluable opportunities for heart healing, spiritual development, vocational training, and academic success!

War steals millions of childhoods every year, but these children deserve more than their circumstances present. You can equip a child with the same opportunities all kids deserve — providing the resources to go from surviving to thriving as the peacemakers God created them to be!

100% of your monthly gift goes directly to the child you champion.

What do sponsorships fund?

  • Art-focused trauma care & counseling
  • Peace-building & leadership development
  • Discipleship & support of the local church
  • Education, school uniforms & materials
  • Food, medical care & other basic needs
  • Safety, security & the care of a loving family

100% Model Inspires 100% Confidence

When you become a child champion, you can trust that 100% of your gift goes to your championed child each month! Thanks to the generosity of churches, foundations, and dedicated partners supporting administrative and programming costs, child champions get to invest fully in their young peacemaker — becoming an answer to their prayers and bringing joy to heavy hearts!

100% of your monthly gift empowers child survivors of war by:


Healing Spirits: Art-Focused Trauma Care, Discipleship & Peace building


Healing Minds: Education, Professional Skills & Leadership Development


Healing Bodies: Safety, Food, Medical & Other Basic Needs

Child Champion FAQs

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