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Your gift provides rehabilitation and transforms child survivors of war into future leaders for peace!

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Take an active role in restoring war-affected children to become leaders for peace.





By giving monthly, Restore Partners support the longterm, comprehensive care of war-affected children. Your monthly support will restore and transform lives — from rescued child soldiers to future leaders for peace!

Restore Partners who give monthly donations of $30 or more receive a FREE Exile International t-shirt.

In 2017, Restore Partners are providing 1,500+ child survivors of war the care they desperately need — physical, emotional, and spiritual care — to heal the wounds trauma and journey towards restoration & hope!  

Become a Restore Partner

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Give Hope and Empower Future Leaders

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela






Your sponsorship will provide education, food, healthcare, trauma counseling, peace building/leadership development, and spiritual care. 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting your sponsored child.

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Sponsorship Levels:
Full – $105/mo  |  Partial – $68/month  |  Partial – $38/month

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Some children will be fully sponsored at $38, while others will be fully sponsored at $105.

Your sponsored child may have additional sponsors to total up to $105 per month. Depending on the region where your sponsored child lives, costs vary. Choose a level of sponsorship and begin sponsoring a child today.

How long are the children in the program?

Until they are self-sustaining, which means that they are able to take care of themselves physically and emotionally and secure a job.

How much of my money goes to my child?

100%! EI does not take out any administrative costs from sponsorships. This 100% sponsorship model is made possible by private donors, foundations, and supporters who cover other programming costs,  salaries, supplies, and other costs. Their investments fuel EI’s long-term mission — restoring and empowering child survivors of war to become leaders for peace!





What do sponsorships fund?

Food, health care, trauma counseling, clothing, school uniforms, peace-building/leadership development, and everything they need to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.



Sponsor a Child Now  Learn About University Sponsorship


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