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ChildREN in War & Armed Conflict

Over 100,000 children abducted & 6 million orphaned by war in DR Congo & Uganda

Children as young as 7 are kidnapped and forced to fight in rebel armies. Psychologically tortured and brainwashed — children are enslaved, forced to fight and to kill.

Many are forced to participate in violence against their own families and communities. Still more are abducted and abused, becoming victims of rape and sexual violence.

Those fortunate enough to escape or be released are left with deep and enduring emotional scars from what they’ve seen and been forced to do. Many are unable to return home because they have either lost or been rejected by their families.

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our mission

empowering rescued child soldiers & children orphaned by war to become leaders for peace through art-focused trauma care & holistic rehabilitation

Launched in response to devastating wars in Uganda and D.R. Congo — where more than 6 million children have been orphaned by war and 100,000 more have been abducted to become child soldiers. Exile International has provided life-changing, Christ-centered care to over 6,700 war-affected children. Exile International empowers war-affected children through holistic, rehabilitative care — Healing Spirits: art-focused trauma care, discipleship, peacebuilding. Healing Minds: education, leadership development. Healing Bodies: food, medical care, basic needs.

Utilizing the HOPE Initiative, a three-tier, curricula-based model of (1) art-focused trauma care and counseling, (2) peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and (3) leadership development — Exile empowers child survivors of war to become leaders who will transform communities for Christ.


The Multiplier Effect

Graduate-Led Replication

37 of 44 Care Programs Led by Program Graduates

Focusing efforts on replication driven through graduate-led programs — healing and hope are spreading at exponential rates in previously unreachable communities!

Every year, Exile is training and empowering more program graduates to launch care programs in their communities. These graduates and their influence are vital to ending cycles of violence and poverty throughout these regions.

Disciples Making Disciples

Lives are being transformed as these young leaders bring healing & hope to their own communities

Not only are they passionate — they are successfully replicating the care programs that restored their lives. With God’s help and through these empowered young men and women — good news is spreading and communities are being transformed!

bring good news to the poor  |  heal the brokenhearted  |  proclaim freedom to the captives  |  Isaiah 61:1

Exile International is a 501(c)(3) faith-based, nonprofit organization. Our work is made possible through the financial contributions of individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations. Join us and be a part of restoring lives!

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