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restoring child survivors of war to become leaders for peace

2008 — Where We Began

EI’s founder, Bethany Williams, is a counseling psychologist whose life began taking a radically new direction in 2008 when EI was founded.

Sometimes a bit of back story helps…

Bethany’s path to becoming a psychologist had been colored by her own journey through trauma, depression and disappointment. But God is in the redeeming business.

It was Bethany’s own healing process that led her to relationships which would later introduce her to the lives of rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war.

It was in June of 2008, on a short-term service trip to help facilitate a program for victims of sexual abuse in DR Congo, that Bethany would encounter a darkness unlike any she had ever seen before — women who attempted to give over their children, child soldiers who asked her to be their mother, victims of repeated sexual violence, and children so traumatized they no longer displayed emotion.

Visiting with men, women and children living in displacement camps led to a realization that these people were not only living in geographic exile, but in emotional exile as well.

Looking away. Forgetting. Not doing something.
These were simply not an option.

Compelled by the urgent needs she had witnessed and inspired by her faith, the seeds for Exile International had been sown. In 2008, Bethany Williams founded Exile International to provide healing to war-affected children through art focused trauma care and holistic, rehabilitative care programs.


From vision to reality

In response to the urgent needs Bethany had witnessed and research on the devastating wars in Uganda and D.R. Congo — where more than 100,000 children have been abducted — Exile International was born.

Since 2008, EI has provided life-changing care to over 4,300 war-affected children!

Through holistic care programs addressing the needs of the mind, body, and spirit — rescued child soldiers and orphaned children are being restored. Additionally, young survivors are being empowered to become leaders for peace through education, discipleship, and leadership development.

Program graduates include university students, skilled professionals, and community leaders — some of whom are now leading care programs in their own communities.

No longer constrained by the traumas of their past — they are becoming the leaders who will heal and transform communities.

Impact Model


Healing Spirits

Art-Focused Trauma Care, Discipleship & Peace Building

Healing Minds

Education, Professional Skills & Leadership Development


Healing Bodies

Food, Medical & Other Basic Needs

Exile International restores and empowers war-affected children through holistic, rehabilitative care — providing physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. EI also provides education, housing, food, and medical care.

Utilizing a three-tier, curricula-based model of: (1) art focused trauma care, (2) peace-building and conflict resolution, and (3) leadership development, EI empowers child survivors of war to become leaders who will transform communities for Christ.

EI also believes in the power of local leadership to foster sustainable, lasting impact. EI trains and partners with local counselors, caregivers, and leaders to implement culturally appropriate, effective care.


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