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Meet Alice – Graduate Leader

War has taken much from Alice… family members, freedoms and childhood. Yet to look Alice in the eyes today is to see not a victim, but a survivor. A strong, beautiful survivor.

At 14 years old, her village was attacked and burned to the ground. She and many boys and girls were taken from their home and families. Alice was abused and forced to commit acts against her will. Like too many other children in this region, she was also forced to carry a gun. At just 14, she was forced to become a child soldier.

Yet, her life was drastically changed after she escaped and became a part of Exile International’s program in Goma, DR Congo. There she found safety and loving caregivers to walk with her as she began to heal her wounds of trauma.  Through the gospel and holistic care, Alice’s life has been transformed.  Last year, she graduated secondary school AND completed EI’s Young Peacemaker Program!

Today, Alice’s smile and compassionate spirit are contagious! She has a passion for Christ and a passion for serving others.

Since graduating from secondary school, she has been investing in the lives of others by volunteering at the Peace Lives Center. This October, Alice began university with aspirations of becoming counselor — aspirations of giving others the care and healing she herself has received.

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There are many other children like Alice who need your help.
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