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And Then There Were Drums….

This morning I awoke with the sounds. Who am I kidding? I went to bed with the sounds : ) Drums are as common place at night as are stars in the sky. It’s a given….and I am growing to love it. A portion of what my eyes take in can somewhat be captured behind a lens, but I must tuck the sounds away in my heart somewhere safe to bring out when I close my eyes on a quiet night. It’s a melody of auditory aromas. The cows lullaby never seems to end. I hear it as I awaken at different times throughout the night. We are now neighbors with more than 500 cattle. They came in like a parade as their proud herdsman singing and dancing beside of them and, yes, beating their drums. Running along side of their 500 proud four legged friends with flags in hand. The herdsman – not the cows. It reminds me of the Kentucky basketball team coming into Rupp Arena before the Louisville game…..except they are cows and we are in Sudan and there are no basketballs. I mean other than that…. : ) It was our wakeup call yesterday morning – to which we all jumped out of bed and ran to the window – as if it was Christmas morning and Santa had come back with his reindeer.
But this morning there was no parade. Just a gentle breeze of sounds of the village awakening us like a symphony of instruments- one adding on top of the other. To the backdrop of the singing cattle comes the dogs or the hyenas (we aren’t sure which). The flutes of birds chirping and the strings of the rooster float into the mix. The bass of the first morning churns of the water being pump brings a consistent beat as the villagers prepare for the day. Babies awakening from their night sleep and the shuffle of feet on the outside of our room brings the sign of life to the serenade.
And then there are drums. And then there is singing. And the morning begins. And now the house begins to come alive….pages rustling next door as Mandy looks over her notes for the day. Lloyd and David begin wake-up chat and Dinka linguistic practicing is heard.
And now, Lord, your day begins. And I give it to you. Honored to be your instrument as we approach the first day of ministry to these children and ladies…..and I pray you play me well – and that I remain playable. Keys in surrender to you- heart in your service.
I am
Yours, b

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