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Anniversary Giving Campaign

Celebrating 4 Years of Rehabilitative Care and Trauma Therapy with Children in DR Congo and Northern Uganda!

Help us reach more children.  Here are the goals:

$44,000 Raised by August 31
44 New Child Sponsors and/or New Monthly Donors
4 New Development Partners beginning at $500/month

Big goals & big dreams
that are more than possible

As I write this, the children at the Peace Lives Child Solider Restoration Center are only eating 1-2 meals a day (realistically…that’s not enough). Can you help?

As I write this, we are beginning unique Peace Clubs in the LRA- ravaged regions of Northern Uganda. Just this week, these clubs will provide heart care, peace building, and leadership training! Led by caregivers, and empowering children to become the next generation of peace leaders.

To say I am humbled by this journey and your support is an understatement. None of this would be possible without your prayers, financial support, and the grace of a beautiful God who loves these children far more than you or I.

So – let’s do this! We’re asking you to help us raise $44,000 by August 31st. Run with it by engaging in big and small ways – through donationsfundraisers, or purchasing merchandise that gives back.  By saying, yes… I will dedicate $35 a month to sponsor a child.

It is a privilege to partner with you on this journey.
We are definitely better together.

So where did this begin and how did it all evolve? Our story began in August, 4 years ago:

“That’s a big dream,” he said.  I looked at him dead in the eye – not sure if I was more determined or just angry. Stories of children being forced to kill swirled through my mind, as I longed to awaken the ears of a sleeping world that (I thought) did not care to listen. It felt like the fingerprints of thousands of children, orphaned by war, were pressing on my heart.

Very possibly having more passion than wisdom and taking the few first steps before I knew exactly where the road would lead, the journey began.

God had pulled back a curtain revealing a level of hurt I had never seen before.  We met girls as young as three who had been sexually abused and child soldiers (orphaned and/or cast out of their communities) who asked me to be their mother.

It was as if God was placing the pain of these wounded children in my lap and asking, “What will you do with it? What will you do with it now?”

“What now?”

I did not know what the answer was, but I knew what it was not. Doing nothing was not an option.

Something had to be done and that something started with a lot of prayer, learning from survivors, and listening to the stories of children who were once forced to kill, and some that were now becoming peace leaders in their own communities.

That something became a journey.  A journey of humility, seeking to make some sense out of this suffering, and a realization that we may learn more from the children we hope to help than they may learn from us.

Things have progressed a bit from those early days of selling our own furniture to pay for plane tickets. I never dreamed there would now be a monthly giving program that supports hundreds of children!

That big dream of starting trauma care and rehabilitation programs for child survivors and war-affected orphans is now a reality, with weekly counseling groups and regular trainings for local caregivers who help empower and enable children to thrive.

We once hoped to help children survive.
Now we have the privilege of participating alongside them as they share their own healing with other former child-survivors.
It is their dream now.
We once hoped to help former child-soldiers believe in themselves.

Now we sit beside them as they wash the feet of recent escapees.
How beautiful to see them pray for and believe in peace.

This is Dreaming the Possible.

Our team returned from a recent trip with hearts full of stories and dreams full of reality – all colored with a belief that these children can change the world. Submitted to a God who knows no limits and a faith that knows no bounds, we are asking that familiar question: “What Now?”  

The goal: impact and empower the lives of more children – and there are thousands waiting to be helped.  We need your continued support to do it.  We have the team, the training and stellar folks on the ground in DRC and Uganda.

We need you to:
1) Pray
2) Spread the word and post like crazy
3) Give

Join us and let’s make this dream a reality.

Bethany and the Exile International Team


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