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Beauty from Ashes

God's Faithfulness One Year After the Fire

Rebuilding Peace Lives Rehabilitation Center

On a dreary December Sunday one year ago, a fire destroyed multiple structures at the Peace Lives Rehabilitation Center. Not only is this Exile's HQ in DR Congo... it is home to 60 child survivors of war and a place of safety and hope for hundreds more. 

Children and staff returned from church to find dorms and water tanks ablaze. With no fire departments or emergency responders to call — boys and girls fought to save their refuge with cups of water as buildings went up in flames.

This loss was painful, yet could have been so much worse.

We lifted our praises that no one was injured in the fire and began the rebuild process almost immediately!

The Exile family rallied to rebuild the residential care center and HQ almost immediately — giving over $300,000 in just 12 days! We were not only able to rebuild the boys' dorm, but also add much-needed counseling offices, group therapy rooms, and a space for the arts!  

Long-time partners and new donors alike joined hands in compassion to care for children who'd just lost their home — and in the midst of one of the worst cycles of rebel violence the Congolese people have faced in decades. Words cannot express the gratitude Exile's youth and staff experienced through your prayers and sacrificial giving. 

Overcoming Adversity Brick by Brick

Building Brick by Brick

PRAY (25)

Every brick laid by the hands of young men and women who call the Peace Lives Rehabilitation Center home is a testament to your compassion and God's grace. The Lord demonstrates His great faithfulness through you and me, using His people to rebuild beauty from ashes and restore hearts from brokenness and pain.

Thank you for giving child survivors of war a safe place to experience all the Lord has for them — healing, learning, growth, and play. 

The Joy You Provide

Now, we need your help to complete the space — creating an environment conducive to healing the spirits, minds, and bodies of war-affected kids and youth.

Give the gift of home when you furnish to complete the newly rebuilt center! Bring comfort and warmth to the place they call home — giving them a safe and welcoming space to celebrate the Savior's birth this Christmas and experience His unfailing hope year-round.

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