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A personal letter and invitation from the founder

Beth at Dina 2012 3

Dear Friends,

My fingers are typing this in Nashville, but my heart is with our children & team in DR Congo where bullets and mortars have, again, begun to fly (BBC). My heart is there, and it is hurting. Hurting for the boys recently rescued from the bush who need physical and emotional rehabilitation from the wounds of war. Hurting for the now 2.4 million displaced people, over half of them children who have fled rebel fighting (UNICEF) . Hurting for our children who have started having nightmares again. Just this week I picked up my phone to, “Mum, it is me. I am here”  – It was one of our boys who is struggling. “I am doing better, Mum. I play the guitar, and I am singing again.” He could be my son. He is… my son. He is your son. He is God’s son. They all are.

I write this to you, to extend an invitation. An invitation to step into the lives of the war-affected youths and orphans in DR Congo and Uganda. Two ways to help: (1) Become a Restore Partner – giving monthly to bring restoration and empowerment to child survivors of war through quality care, art therapy, rehabilitative care and more.  (2) Help build a wall. A strong one! The children at the Peace Lives Restoration Center in DRC need a wall around the center to protect the former child soldiers and orphans from the rebels around them. Give safety – click here to help build the protection wall.

Thank you for walking this journey with us!

Bethany P. Haley, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director

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