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Celebrate Their Stories


Meet Blessing —  DR Congo

When I was 14 years old, I was taken by a Congolese rebel army. With the rebel army, we lived outside of God’s will. That is to say, I didn’t want to live — I had no peace in my mind, and I was without hope to ever see my family or have a family of my own.

After much time in the care and rehabilitation programs of Exile, peace came back to my mind. I found faith in Christ — which is vital to me and I now have a new life in Christ. I also regained opportunity for education — and have now graduated from university (Feb 2018) completing my degree in Management and Development Enterprise.

Because Christ is great and gracious — I now affirm that I am not convicted… I know that I am forgiven!  This has helped heal the traumas  — releasing the considerable baggage and shame I used to carry. Today though… I am forgiven and I am an ambassador of peace. 

I am committed to preaching His peace through the world. I dare to believe that I will have a job and start a family. I end by thanking you for your prayers and asking for your continued prayers. 


Meet Isaac — DR Congo

I lost both my mother and my father to the warring in my country. It was a very sad and difficult situation, but my grandmother did her very best to raise me through it. However, as much as she tried, she lacked the money to be able to do so. I was so hopeless during this time —  so much so that I did not even play or talk to anyone.

When I was six years old, the Exile International program welcomed me in. I received counseling and mentorship, and they even sent me to school! Now I am in 5th grade, and I have overcome so much of the hurts I went through. I am succeeding in my classes, and I believe in my future because I have learned how to express my feelings wherever I go. I now enjoy to play and talk to anyone. I am a child of hope.



Meet Carol — Uganda

I am 13 years old. I lost my parents to the Ugandan civil war when I was very young, and I was taken in by my grandmother. My grandmother, however, died in May 2016 and I was left alone at 12 years old. Thanks to Exile’s presence in the community, I was welcomed into compassionate arms. Though my loss is still [fresh], I now have friends and community. They understand me and love me.

I still have dreams. And my dream is big. I want to change my nation. I want it to better some day.

Today I am receiving education and mentoring. I am learning about Christ and I believe I can do good things for my country some day. Thank you for believing in me.


From Surviving to Thriving

No longer constrained by the traumas of their past — they are becoming the leaders who will heal and transform communities, and we love celebrating their stories.

Youth in EI’s care programs are not only healing their wounds, they are being educated and empowered through leadership development programs. Why? Because these youth, these survivors, should have every opportunity excel.

Thank you for your support and for cheering them on from afar.









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