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Children orphaned by the LRA raise their voice…

Over 200 letters collected in Northern Uganda. Many written by the same children who wrote letters last year. When the children learned their letters had been received by the President of the United States they cheered. They cheered because their voices had been heard. They cheered because they have been given back a voice. A voice is important… With a voice you can be heard. You can share and you can heal. They have been given back the voice and empowerment that Kony’s evils have sought to squander.

Primary to any trauma is the disempowerment one is left with. Traumatic experiences – especially chronic, traumatic experiences – can leave a person feeling powerless… defeated… unable to fight or raise their voice to be heard.

These children wrote letters sharing their story.

They raised their voice.

They were empowered.

They cheered.

Their letters express thanks to the US Gov’t for sending military aid to help seek and stop Kony.

Voices were penned asking for continued support to bring the LRA’s terrors to an end.

Their voices matter. I am so thankful to share that message with them. So thankful to carry their messages back.

I wish you could see their words. They have seen too much for such little eyes.


“Please help stop Joseph Kony.”


“Please help stop the LRA.”


“They burned down my village.”


“They have killed our people.”


“They tortured and killed my family.”


Then the details… The details they know all too well. I won’t share the details. They are too much. Too much for such little eyes.


My heart breaks for them. My heart overflows for them. I am where I should be.


– Matthew Williams

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