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Christmas Campaign

Announcing Exile International’s 2012 Christmas Campaign!

There is Magic in the spirit of Christmas.

The anticipation of  opening a gift chosen with love. The unspoken breeze of kindness in the air. The child-like faith in something wonderful, mystical and magical. The spirit of Believing comes to life.

. B E L I E V I N G .

Something drastically changes in a person’s heart when someone believes in them. It creates a spark in the soul. With it can come the newness of second chances. Just those words. Those Four simple words.

“I believe in you.”

This is what we tell the children we work with at Exile International, and we would like to invite you to step into our work and join us in doing that.

How can you be a part?

~ Give gifts that give back! Shop our online store with FREE shipping!

~ Buy a new RED Believe t-shirt for Christmas! Just in!

~ Sponsor a child as a gift to a loved one this year!

~ Donate as a gift or in Honor of a loved one

~ One time year-end tax deductible donation

Many of these children have lived in war all of their lives. They are bigger than orphans. They are more than former soldiers. They are larger than their past. They are beautiful and strong and resilient. But they need someone to believe in them.

Thank you for helping us serve them each day!

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