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COVID-19 Resources For You & Your Family

We’re here for you. Because the core of our work is trauma and emotionally focused, we understand the importance of engaging with children during such difficult times. Parents — we are with you and for you!

During this unfamiliar season of social distancing, home-schooling, working from home, and out of sync schedules, we want to help equip you and your family with resources for open, healthy communication and creative outlets. On this page, you will find podcasts, articles, family activities, and more to help your family stay connected and communicating during a season filled with unknowns. We hope you enjoy – and share – these resources with your friends, family, and community!

We will continue adding to this list regularly, so check back often for new resources!

Podcasts for parents

How To Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19 (linked). Our dear friends, Josh and Christi Straub, who host the Famous At Home podcast, share insights on how to talk to your kids about coronavirus. Kids, too, have had their schedules and routines interrupted. But, unlike many adults, kids don’t always know how to communicate fear, sadness, or confusion.

Family Rhythms in Social Isolation (linked)Our dear friends, Josh and Christi Straub, who host the Famous At Home podcast, talk about setting family rhythms. With kids out of school, finances taking a hit, spouses working from home, and everyone stuck together in close quarters, they talk about why family routines matter.

Activities to enjoy together

Museum Tours from your home (linked). You and your family can enjoy the best museums across the globe from the comfort of your couch! From the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, to the Guggenheim in New York City, gather your family together for a fun night of exploring culture and art across the world.

National Parks – Virtual Tours (linked). Take a trip from Florida to Alaska without ever leaving your driveway. Take a look at this exhaustive list of the most famous and beautiful national parks that offer free virtual tours. So get comfy, pretend to lace up your hiking boots (or really put them on), and start exploring some of the most incredible natural resources on the planet!

Field Trips (linked). Join your kids on their next field trip! Play games with the zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo, learn how to raise pigs at a farm, and walk the surface of Mars! Guaranteed learning and fun with these incredible virtual field trip locations!

Interactive Zoom Games (linked). Responsible social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy game night with your friends. Gather your best buds together on zoom and play these energizing games that will get you laughing and moving in no time!

Articles to keep you grounded

Coronavirus: A Book for Children (linked). An illustrated, interactive book for children. In this book, you’ll find education on COVID-19,  answers to commonly asked questions, and strategies on how to cope with the constantly evolving circumstances.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus (linked). For parents, prioritizing your own well-being benefits your family. When you’re a parent, self-care often slips to the bottom of the list. But taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s essential. Read this article highlighting five tips from the clinicians at Child Mind Institute that can help.

How to Ask What Kids are Feeling (linked). Ways to get insight into how your kids are handling stressful times. The world as kids know it has been thoroughly upended and they are justifiably anxious, whether they show it or not. It’s up to the adults to get them to open up about those feelings so that they can be addressed. Doing so takes finesse, curiosity, and a very light touch.

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis (linked). Tips for nurturing and protecting children at home. If you’re anxious about how to protect and nurture your kids through this — often juggling work obligations at the same time — you’re in good (virtual) company. Here are tips from the Child Mind Institute’s clinicians to help calm fears, manage stress, and keep the peace.

Videos to watch as a family

Healthy Habits (linked). Geared toward younger kids, this Sesame Street youtube playlist will help educate you and your young children in healthy habits you can start practicing now to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (linked). This fun and interactive youtube playlist will teach children yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques.

Authors Reading Their Books Aloud (linked). With school closures taking place around the world, authors have opted to share videos reading their books to children while they are home.

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