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#dayoftheEIgirl – You are Restoring Hope!

Today, we want to tell you about the war-affected girls and women you support through EI – and the ways you are restoring hope, bettering girls’ lives, and empowering them to reach their full potential! We’re calling it #dayoftheEIgirl!

Every October, people around the world celebrate the International Day of the Girl – shared widely with #dayofthegirl online. Established by the United Nations, the purpose of this day is “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”



In places of conflict, women and children are the most vulnerable. 

The women and girls in the areas where we work face a double dose of danger:

“A girl child caught in the crossfire of armed conflict is doubly vulnerable as it is more likely that she may be coerced or abducted to be forced into marriage or sexually assaulted.”*

According to UNICEF, examples of gender-based inequity at times of armed conflict include:

  • Violence against girls and women, including rape and sexual slavery
  • Hunger and exploitation in camps for refugees and internally displaced persons, when men take control of food distribution
  • Malnutrition when food aid neglects women’s and children’s special nutritional requirements
  • Culturally inappropriate and/or inadequate access to health services, including mental and reproductive health services*

In Uganda and DR Congo, armed conflict and war have an immense impact on all – and an especially heavy toll on the girls and women in these areas. 

It is a painful reality – one that grieves our hearts. BUT! God is on the move on behalf of these women and children. He is in the business of rescue and redemption. Through your partnership, you empower EI to be His hands and feet to the girls and women coming out of conflict in Uganda and DRC. Your gifts reach these girls and women to restore hope in life-changing ways.


Because of your support: 

210 girls are receiving the care they need to heal spirits, minds, and bodies – through education, food, healthcare, trauma counseling, peacebuilding, leadership development, and spiritual care.

These girls and women each represent a family and community. Their healing through your support multiplies to their family, friends, and community. You empower female survivors of war to become leaders for peace, transforming their communities. 


Thank you, friends! Your partnership is transforming stories!

*The information above was sourced from

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If you would like to do some further reading and exploration of the reality facing girls and women around the world, some of our favorite resources include:

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