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Meet Dillish | Northern Uganda

Dillish witnessed horrendous acts the day the rebels raided her home. As a young girl, she was forced to watch as her mother, father, and infant brother be murdered by the LRA Rebels. Then, as her home was being engulfed by flames, she was tied up and taken into captivity to be used as a slave.


After years in captivity, Dillish managed to escape and was later reunited with her grandmother.

Such loss and pain leave lasting scars — physically and psychologically. For most, such nightmarish experiences are crippling. But, with proper care, even these traumas and scars can be overcome.

Through EI’s care programs and loving counselors, Dillish is healing the wounds of trauma. Through the safety of art and group therapy with peers who have shared similar experiences… Dillish is being transformed inside and out! Overcoming so many hurdles – she has become a leader both in her school and her community.

What a joy to see her smile!  


Understanding Trauma and Journey to Restoration:
It’s important to understand that a key characteristic of trauma/traumatic experiences is disempowerment and isolation. It is the felt sense of being “exiled” from one’s own family and community. Peace Clubs (care groups) offer and provide a place for war-affected children to learn they are not alone… that they have peers and caregivers who have experienced similar traumas… who understand their pain and care for them.  It is a safe place to grow and heal in the context of relationships founded on hope and unconditional love.

It’s a place to learn that despite all they’ve seen or been forced to do… they are not their past and that Christ sees them as beautiful and valuable children.

– – –

Part of EI’s approach is working through local caregivers and teammates. Their experiences and cultural awareness are key to successful programs. Without them, Exile International’s opportunities to serve would be limited. Thanks to a partnership with Children of Peace Uganda, Dillish and many others are receiving the care they need. Thanks for your part in making this possible!


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