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Goma Update – 11.23.12

Our Country Leader went across the border today to send an email and we are in AWE of God and thankful “our kids” were protected. I’ll let the words of our country leader update you – here’s an exert from his email:

“M23 [the rebel army] arrived at PLC, asked for food, then went to the small hill in front of PLC and installed their heavy guns…used to push out the government soldiers… while the orphans, boys and girls were inside the home with Joseph’s family. The military were shooting at M23… Some places have been destroyed and others were entered by [armed fighters] and they took all materials found in the houses.

Nothing and nobody were touched at PLC. PRAISE THE LORD. The reason is not because we knew how to protect ourselves and the children but YOUR PRAYERS have been protecting us. So THANK YOU, ASANTE SANA, MERCI.”

[that’s “thank you” in 3 languages!!!]

Our immense gratitude & love to all who have been praying. Please keep praying w/ us for peace in DR Congo.


Food prices have doubled and we have started a fund to help with needs. You can help via the Give Page  – choose “Support for Peace Lives Center Goma, Congo” 

Top needs per communications from Goma:
“Please keep praying for the greatest need we do have now: They are:

  • Full security in Goma and all the province so that food may come again from villages around.
  • Food, water, fire wood, and all necessities for the house such as soaps, salt…
  • Trauma healing
  • Effective opening of activities in Goma. (Workers are not going to service, so it is hard to have money to support their families)

May God of God, King of King, Prince of Peace bless the fruits of your hands and your families” -Team in Congo

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