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DRC Counselor Training Update

We arrived safely in Kigali.

Some unrest and fighting outside Goma, DR Congo has led our UN contact to request we delay entry into DRC.
We and our trainees still desire to continue with the training.
New plan – facilitating the training at the Rwandan border.  This solution appears workable for all and plans remain the same:
Training counselors and caregivers for multiple

Congolese rehabilitation centers that work with war-affected kids and former child soldiers.
How great that the training will still happen!

As things mellow down, we should be able to enter DRC later next week to work directly with children and staff in Goma.
Waiting and relying on the lead & advice of our UN contacts in Goma in making this call.

Please pray for our friends in DRC. Though there is a constant state of unrest, the level of unrest has heightened as their President called for the arrest of a prominent rebel leader (Gen. Bosco Ntaganda – ).

Trusting all plans to God.
Excited to be in the right place.

Thanks for your emails, encouragements and prayers.
Our friends are amazing!

Matthew Williams

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