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Be My Valentine | Meet Faith


“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


Meet Faith

My name is Faith. I have two older brothers and am the youngest in my family. When I was 9 years old we were living in our village in Congo and life was very good.

One day rebel soldiers came into our village and broke into our home. The soldiers stole all of our belongings and forced my brothers and I to be their slaves. We were forced to cook for them, fetch water, and wash their clothes. I became ill and lost all hope.

One day government soldiers attacked, giving my brothers and I the chance to escape. We scattered in different directions, running through fields, and eventually hid on a corn plantation until we knew it was safe. By God’s grace we were rescued and taken back to our village.

But, once we arrived back at our village we realized that it was no longer safe to live there. So, we were moved into displacement camps. Life was not easy in the camps. We were extremely traumatized and had no hope for our futures. My brothers and I were no longer able to attend school because we did not have money for school fees.

One day someone came to visit us in the camps to tell us about the programs at Exile’s Trauma Healing Center. By God’s grace I was taken in and was enrolled in school! I thank God for Exile International and for all of the holistic support that I have received.

I have learned a lot, received trauma healing, and leadership development training. I have also learned to live with others and share in their pain and joy. My dream is to one day become a medical doctor.

I pray that God richly blesses you.




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