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Updated – Help Feed 87 Orphaned Children

Help Feed 75

*** Update – More Children Joined the Peace Lives Center – Now 87 children receiving comprehensive care! ***

Say yes to ensuring nutrition for 87 children.
Up-to $2500, 100% of new monthly donations will go directly to feeding 87 former child soldiers
and orphaned children at the Peace Lives Center (Goma, DRC).

***$1100/month committed already!  Join others who have said yes… Sign up now!

monthly grey$30 increments

Food Prices have soared!

Armed conflict and attacks by M23 (rebel army) in and around Goma, DR Congo have caused food prices to more than double.  Your monthly commitment will feed children at the Peace Lives Restoration Center in Goma.  For 87 orphaned children and former child soldiers, Peace Lives provides rehabilitation, a home environment, basic needs, spiritual care.

Make an Impact. Feed a Child that Needs Your Help.

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