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Meet Fidele [Video]

Meet Fidele

Abducted by a rebel army as a child. Forced into slavery and forced to be a child soldier. Today he is a graduate of Exile’s programs and a leader and teacher in his community.



When Exile first began 10 years ago, it was because Bethany Haley Williams (Exile’s founder & CEO) met Fidele, along with other students, who would become the first beneficiaries of EI’s programs.

Fidele’s smile is contagious. He loves spending time with friends and worshipping God. He likes to sing and dreams of becoming a member of Parliament so that he can better his country. His story has not been an easy one, but it is full of redemption, healing, and hope.

.Changing their communities and the world!

Fidele, along with some of the other original EI program beneficiaries, are now counselors and members of EI’s staff in Congo and Uganda. They are paying it forward to the next generation by providing them with the same life-giving opportunities that so significantly impacted their own lives. They are leaders in their communities and bringing up the new generation of leaders. .

Empower a Child Survivor of War Today


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