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Fiona is the youngest of six siblings. She lost her father in the war when she was 5 years old. Soon after her father’s death, Fiona’s mother became sick and was unable to care for her children. They were soon left alone — with only the children left to care for one another.

Having no family to turn to — Fiona and her siblings were connected to an Exile care program nearby. At arrived with had signs of malnutrition and trauma.

They were welcomed with loving arms by Exile’s care team and provided a safe place to be children… a place to belong and to heal.

Since being enrolled in EI’s sponsorship program, Fiona has been attending school and is excelling academically!

Additionally, counselors are walking alongside Fiona – enabling her to process the losses she have experienced. With counseling and art therapy – she and her siblings are able to heal the wounds of trauma.

Fiona loves to sing and read the Bible. She also enjoys playing with her friends. Pray with us for this your girls dream of someday becoming a nurse — to serve and aid others.

Impact the lives of children like Fiona

Sponsoring a child like Fiona provides education, food, healthcare, trauma counseling, peace building/leadership development, and spiritual care. 100% of donations go directly to supporting your sponsored child.


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