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Goma Update – 12.05.12

Though the situation and fighting has quieted some, it is still very unstable.  Unclear negotiations between M23 and the Congolese government have resulted in some M23 forces leaving Goma, yet there are still threats and unmet demands “on the table” for both sides.

For many, including our partners and those children served by Exile International, food and water is a critical issue.  Food prices have sky-rocketed and suitable drinking water is difficult to attain.  One of our key leaders was forced to evacuate he and his family from Goma due to threats on his life by M23. Just one day after he crossed the border, rebels arrived at his front in search of him. We praise God that he and his family were not in the home and are currently safe and well. Praise God with us that they are well and pray the family is able to return home soon.

The Peace Lives Center is operating.  All the children are safe and under the care of PLC staff and full time counselor.  The PLC lead coordinator has reported that many of the children of quite shaken up (in his words, “traumatized”) by their experiences in the last couple weeks. Praise God these children are physically safe. Pray for their continued protection and their emotional healing. 

During the initial M23 surge into Goma, 2 of the former-child soldiers at PLC fled in fear. Our hearts ache knowing they have not yet been located. PLC staff and their peers in Goma (and the boys’ home villages) are working hard to search for and find these boys.  Please pray that God guards them and returns them safely.

This week, 6 additional orphans were moved into PLC last week. Please pray for their transition and needs – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How you can help:

Pray. Sometimes we do not have the words to say, yet God understands even our groanings. Go with us to Him and ask miracles for PLC, for Goma and the Congolese people.

Donate towards the added food costs incurred by PLC. As stated above: food prices have doubled and their are 6 new orphans living at PLC).

Additional info and resources to watch:

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