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Meet Hanok

This is Hanok. His father died during the war when he was very young, and soon after, his mother abandoned him. Hanok was all alone when some local chiefs found him. They took Hanok from village to village, trying to find help for him. Eventually, they brought him to one of Exile’s care programs in Congo.

When Hanok first arrived at the care program, he was in very poor health – having suffered greatly in order to get even his most basic needs met. But, at the care program, he was given the chance to start a new life! For the first time in his life, Hanok felt parental love which had been missing for most of his life.

Today Hanok is loved, he is cared for, and attends school. He is healing from his deep wounds of trauma and learning that he is a child of God and that there are wonderful dreams and a great purpose for his life.

He has also made wonderful friendships with other children in the care program and loves to play and fellowship with them. He studies hard at school, plays football, and sings.

Exile International has become his family and he continues to grow and thrive every single day.



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