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Inspire Children to #BELIEVE

#BELIEVE FB Header Drawing

inspire children to #believe

How life-changing it can be to know someone believes in you! So powerful that EI aims to instill this in every child we serve. Join us by sharing an encouraging for these children — let them know you too believe in them! YOUR encouragement could impact lives!

Share your belief in these children!

It’s simple…

  1. Write an encouraging message — inspiring child survivors to have hope and achieve their dreams.  Example messages: 
    1. “Our family is praying for you and we believe you will become a leader in your community!”
    2. “Your life is a beautiful example of redemption. We’re excited to see the person you become!”
  2. Post your message on our Facebook wall —
  3. Our teams will share your encouragements with child survivors in Uganda and DRC


Your message could inspire a child to believe in his/her self for the very first time. Your message could inspire a victim to overcome… a rescued child soldier to become a leader for peace! Join us in believing in these boys and girls. Join us in believing they can/will overcome the pains of their past and achieve their dreams. 

Our Gift to You

Free Downloads + Another Way to Show You Believe

Download specially designed wallpapers for your phone and computer. Not only are they beautiful — they will remind and inspire you to believe. To believe that child survivors of war can become leaders for peace!

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