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Judith: Finding Purpose in Pain

When the LRA entered and attacked her village, they forced Judith, a 7-year-old child, to witness the killing of her mother. Orphaned and abducted by the LRA, she would spend nearly 2 years in captivity and be forced to do the unspeakable.

A Heart-Wrenching Start

Judith was just 7 years old when the LRA (rebel army) entered and attacked her village. That day changed her life forever. Judith was forced to not only watch, but participate in the murder of her own mother. Orphaned and abducted by the LRA, she would spend nearly 2 years as a captive and slave. Time and time again, she was forced to do the unspeakable.

From Tragic Loss to a Journey of Healing

After 2 years of horror, Judith escaped the hands of the rebel army. Emotional and psychological well-being shattered, Judith needed a safe place and skilled care. When Judith first connected with an EI social worker, she could barely speak of the traumas inflicted upon her. In 2012, she began a long journey of healing.

Thanks to the safety she found with loving caregivers and the understanding experienced among peers on similar journeys of healing, Judith is standing taller than ever today. No longer carrying false shame for events forced upon her, she is rebuilding her life. Today she is a transformed young woman!

Redemption Happens and Children are Becoming New Creations in Christ

Judith now dreams of becoming a psychiatric doctor because she yearns to help others who have been traumatized by the LRA. Her greatest heartache will become her greatest ministry. Grace is coming full circle.


EI operates through local caregivers and teammates. Their experiences and cultural awareness are key to successful programs. Without them, Exile International’s opportunities to serve would be limited. Thanks to a partnership with Children of Peace Uganda, Judith and many others are receiving the care they need. Thanks for your part in making this possible!

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