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Leah’s Story

Orphaned by War… but Full of Hope 

At 3 years old, Leah and her three sisters were orphaned when the Lord’s Resistance Army brutally attacked their family outside their village in northern Uganda. The rebels made the sisters watch as their parents and baby sister were murdered.


Defend the cause of the fatherless.” – Isaiah 1:17

Leah and her sisters were soon taken in by their aunt… but tragically their aunt died after a few weeks later, leaving the children again alone to care for themselves. The girls lived together in a nearby hut — their eldest sister, Judith (a child herself), doing her best to be mother, protector and caregiver to her younger sisters. Judith was 14 at the time. 

Being unable to find food or properly care for themselves, the girls left their home desperately searching for a place of refuge and healing. It was then that the sisters found their way to Exile International’s programs providing exactly that! Praise God! 

Since then, Leah and her three sisters have been a part of EI’s programs where they are cared for and loved by local caregivers… and where they have developed a new family among their peers. No longer will they have fear for safety or food! 

Because of YOU, they have a safe place to stay, food to eat, and are deeply loved!

These brave survivors are receiving healing the wounds of war, being loved and discipled, receiving their education… and learning to become leaders for peace who impact in their communities! 

They are thriving and healing! They are overcomers! Leah’s dream is to become a lawyer. She is passionate about music, dance, drama and reading books. She is not defined by her past… she dreams of her future! 


You Can Make Their Healing & Hope Possible

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