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Mental Health Resources For You & Your Family

We’re here for you. Because the core of Exile’s work is the emotional health of children led by mental health experts, we understand the importance of navigating the complicated topic of mental health with the children in your life – home, youth group, classroom. We are with you and for you!

We are here to equip you and your family with resources for open, healthy communication and creative outlets. On this page, you will find podcasts, articles, family activities, and more to help your family stay connected and communicating. We hope you enjoy – and share – these resources with your friends, family, and community!

Parent Resources

Raising Boys & Girls (linked) Parenting is a challenging, delightful, heart-wrenching journey that can feel profoundly overwhelming and lonely at times. Parents need guides who understand the world of their children. Raising Boys & Girls is happy to come alongside you in this journey. In-depth resources below:

Parenting class videos (linked)

Book recommendations (linked) 

Podcasts (linked)

Famous at Home (linked) Create a Family of Connection, Celebration, and Purpose. At Famous at Home, we don’t believe you have to leave your profession to serve your family well. Quite the contrary, if it’s your purpose. Instead, since your biggest fans already live under your roof, we believe it’s about changing who we prioritize being famous for and putting a plan in place doing just that.

Your Family Purpose series (linked) Our online family series is a step-by-step plan to help you create a family of connection, celebration, and purpose.

Kids EQ Academy (linked) On-demand courses to help your child manage big feelings in a little body. Each course in KidsEQAcademy teaches your kids the life skills they need to develop emotional intelligence.

Child Mind Institute (linked) The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Our teams work every day to deliver the highest standards of care, advance the science of the developing brain and empower parents, professionals, and policymakers to support children when and where they need it most.

Resources for families (linked)  When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected. At the Child Mind Institute, we want to help you make good decisions for your kids and navigate the challenges of parenting. We explore the concerns and challenges we hear about most from parents and provide expert guidance on how to respond in the most effective way. And if you have a child who needs support, we offer resources that can help you get the best care for that child and the best outcome for your family.

Resources for educators (linked) The Child Mind Institute is committed to helping educators identify and respond effectively to children with signs of a mental health or learning disorder. And since behavioral issues can disrupt learning for the whole class, we offer actionable strategies that have been shown to help kids behave successfully — making the learning environment better for everyone.

Videos to watch together

Healthy Habits (linked) Enjoy this collection of videos that help children learn about healthy habits, like making time for breakfast and dancing for exercise!

Cosmic Kids Yoga (linked) Look after your wonderful mind with a Cosmic Kids Yoga Club all about mental health! 

Instagram accounts to follow

Raising Boys and Girls (linked) David, Melissa & @sissygoff Counselors @daystarcounselingministries

Famous At Home (linked) The greatest red carpet you will ever walk is through your front door.

Looking for non-screen time activities for everyone?

Podcasts for kids

Brains On (linked) Brains On! is an award-winning audio show for kids and families. Each week, a different kid co-host joins Molly Bloom to find answers to fascinating questions about the world.  Brains On’s mission is to encourage kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using science and history… but there’s no age limit on curiosity and episodes of Brains On can be enjoyed by anyone.

Kids Bible Stories (linked) Enjoy the short and engaging Bible stories that help teach young children about Jesus.

Podcasts for parents (and those working with youth)

Raising Boys and Girls (linked) Every episode is filled with what we’re learning in the work we do with kids and families on a daily basis at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN. Our goal is to help you care for the kids in your life with a little more understanding, a little more practical help, and a whole lot of hope. So, pull up a chair and join us on this journey from our little yellow house to yours.

Famous at Home (linked) The Famous at Home Podcast is like having a cup of coffee with authentic friends who just “get you.” With topics designed to help you navigate the demands and difficulties of staying connected to your family and living on purpose, you’ll walk away feeling encouraged and empowered to be famous at home.

Faith-based story resources for kids

A great way for children to use their creativity is to draw the story or parts of the book they are listening to.

Discovery Mountain (linked) Discover a new kid’s audio drama where listeners experience adventure, mystery, campfire songs, and most importantly, get to know Jesus.

Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids (linked) Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids is a podcast for children (and adults) of all ages that journeys through the stories of the Bible.

Dan and Louie (linked) This is a great audio resource for toddlers. Dan Betzer is a pastor who is also a ventriloquist. With his ventriloquist dummy, Louie, he created an audio Bible for kiddos. This isn’t a new resource (I listened to these growing up), but they’re great for little kids. Vale loves them and it’s great to know that she’s actually learning the Bible as she listens.

Paws and Tales (linked) From the imagination of Chuck Swindoll, Paws and Tales is about woodland critters that go to school, have faith in God, and are learning just like regular kids. This is another of Vale’s favorites.

Adventures in Odyssey (linked) For those unfamiliar with this popular radio program, “Adventures in Odyssey is geared towards bigger kids (8+). It is an audio drama that shows children where faith and the Gospel apply to everyday life!

Miss Rory’s Story Emporium (linked) Starting out in Miss Rory’s Book Shop, there are stacks upon stacks of books. And then Miss Rory tells a story. However, instead of her reading a story, they switch into an audio drama. This is another faith-based program geared towards kids, with the purpose of having families spend time with their kiddos, not around a screen.

God’s Big Story (linked) This fun podcast shares Bible stories simply for little ears to really understand what the story is saying. I love that it also shares the stories in a way that littles can grasp that the Bible is all a part of God’s big story.

Donuts and Devos (linked) This podcast is a fun one for families to listen to together. Sharing the truth and joy of God’s word for little ears.

Homegrown – Bible Study Book: Cultivating Kids in the Fruit of the Spirit (linked) As parents, we want to raise children who know God, love Him, and share His love with the world. But raising kids who live out such faith is less about our own parenting skills and more about God’s power.

When the Holy Spirit lives through us, we model the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) for our children.

In this 6-session study, discover the fruit of the Spirit in the context of your parenting, learn how to cultivate growth in your children, and explore practical ways to live out the fruit of the Spirit together.

Children’s books on processing emotion

What Am I Feeling? (linked) Help little kids learn to manage big feelings! It’s show-and-tell day at school, and Sam and his friends are feeling lots of emotions. He wonders why he feels flippy in his tummy. And why is Alex stomping his feet? And does Hudson usually have such a big grin? After several unchecked feelings threaten to ruin the big day, Sam and his friends start to learn how to give each emotion a name and ask God to help them remember that “a feeling is just a feeling—it’s not in charge of you.” In a world where kids are dealing with everything from sibling rivalry to bullying, divorce to tragedy, What Am I Feeling? offers a biblically grounded way for children to verbalize their feelings, develop empathy and self-control, and understand their wonderful God-given emotions. BONUS! Also includes a pull-out feelings chart for your wall! 

What Do I Do with Worry? (linked) Do your what-ifs have you worried?  New to the neighborhood, little Willow has some big “what-if” worries. What if the kids don’t like me? What if my new bedroom is scary? Thankfully, Grandma is ready with a plate of cookies and some wise words about how Willow can name her “worry birds” and give them to God. Authors Dr. Josh and Christi Straub know that today’s children have a lot of real “what-ifs”—about diseases and disasters, friendships and failures, and all-things-growing-up. Willow’s story offers practical lessons to help worry birds fly away.

Breathing Makes It Better: A Book for Sad Days, Mad Days, Glad Days, and All the Feelings In-Between (linked) An engaging and interactive story showing children ages 3-6 the power of breath when dealing with new and difficult emotions. Read aloud and breathe along with this sweet story teaching children how to navigate powerful emotions like anger, fear, sadness, confusion, anxiety, and loneliness. With rhythmic writing and engaging illustrations, Breathing Makes It Better guides children to breathe through their feelings and find calm with recurring cues to stop and take a breath. Simple guided practices, like imagining you are a tree blowing in the wind, follow each story to teach children how to apply mindfulness techniques when they need them the most.

The Hurt (linked) A children’s story of a boy whose feelings get hurt when his friend calls him a name. A simple story with a moral/behavioral message. Written for ages 6-8

GROW: My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys): A Young Boy’s Workbook About Exploring Problems (linked) My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys) is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school boys, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

GROW: My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys): A Young Boy’s Workbook About Exploring Problems (linked) My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Girls) is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school girls, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

My Own Thoughts and Feelings on Stopping the Hurt: A Child’s Workbook About Exploring Hurt and Abuse (linked) My Own Thoughts on Stopping the Hurt is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

Counseling services

Find a Christian counselor near you (linked) To request a conversation with Focus on the Family’s Counseling Department, call 1-855-771-HELP (4357) weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), or complete our Counseling Consultation Request Form. Please be prepared to leave your contact information for a counselor to return a call to you as soon as possible. The consultation is available at no cost to you due to generous donor support and will be with one of our licensed or pastoral counseling specialists.

Daystar Counseling Ministries (linked) Welcome to the little yellow house… One little boy called Daystar, “The little yellow house that helps people” …and that really sums it up. Daystar is dedicated to providing support, encouragement & compassion to children, adolescents & families in need through counseling.

The Refuge Center (linked) The Refuge Center’s mission was clear from the beginning—to offer affordable, professional counseling services in order to empower, educate and support individuals, couples, and families in need. Amy and Jennifer had discovered that there were few opportunities for affordable counseling in the area, as many local therapists charge $90 – $175+ per session. They wanted to offer therapy to those who could not afford those fees, so they created a sliding-scale fee structure that ranges from $25 – $120 per session and is based on each individual’s income level.

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