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The Multiplier Effect

Disciples Making Disciples 

Exile rehabilitation program graduates are resilient, talented, and hard-working! Many are using these strengths to bring healing and hope to hundreds of children in their communities!



Program graduates have launched 5 new rehabilitative care programs in the last 6 months! Because of these new rehabilitation programs, 300+ more children now have access to the holistic, rehabilitative care that can transform and redeem lives!

The Gospel is spreading to even more unreached peoples.

The Gospel is being proclaimed daily to even more unreached peoples because of graduates of EI’s program! Their decision to bring rehabilitative care and the good news of the Gospel to their home villages brings hope to a whole new generation of war-affected children. They are also a witness to thousands more who live in these remote areas.

On why they decided to return home, our graduates said they feel called to bring these rehabilitative programs — this hope and these opportunities — to the many child survivors of war in their communities.

One hundred youths chose to be baptized!

We are honored to witness their transformation into leaders for peace and watch as EI’s staff mentor and guide each to transform their communities for peace. These graduates took it upon themselves to start new programs because of their passion to see the Lord’s work advance into places previously known only for war, and see restoration become possible for rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war! Because of their witnessing, approximately one hundred youths have been baptized in the past year under the leadership of graduates, and are now becoming leaders themselves. Praise God for discipleship, healing, and the new graduates of our programs!


Video: From Survivor to Thriver!


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