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I Gave Up My Gun for a Guitar

Nathan was one of the first child survivors sponsored through Exile Int’l. Abducted by rebel forces at 14 after his family was killed, Nathan spent several years witnessing and being forced to participate in terrible acts of violence. Thanks to God’s grace, we’ve watched Nathan heal and grow into a confident leader and positive role model while participating in the programs at the Peace Lives Restoration Center (PLC).

Nathan told us, “I gave up my gun for a guitar.” The guitar and song-writing have been part of his healing – writing and teaching lyrics to his peers, such as, “We lay down our guns, for it is not the way. Join us in peace – Christ is the way.”

In 2012, Nathan finished secondary school and became one of the first university students sponsored through Exile’s PLC program. When not at school, Nathan continues to mentor and lead a younger generation of child survivors.

Below you see him leading the PLC’s orphan choir – one of his favorite and most beautiful roles as a participant of the PLC program.


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