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Meet Nighty

Taken for 3 years

As she was returning home from school, 7-year-old Nighty heard rumors that rebels were attacking near her village. She ran to hide with her aunt but they were soon separated. The rebels found her in the bush, alone. The LRA forced Nighty to walk until her feet were bloodied and raw to the bone. She was shot in the leg during an ambush and saw friends being killed. For 3 years, Nighty was a captive to the LRA rebels. But with proper care, even these traumatic experiences and scars can be overcome.

Exile_Uganda-008479 Nighty

“I am now a leader. I only ask that you continue helping children just like me.”
– Nighty

reunited & healing

Nighty was reunited with her mother, father and siblings, but the wounds of extreme violence and captivity hindered her psychological and spiritual health. Physically, she had been left with disfiguring scars that only added to her sense of shame and insecurity she felt daily (not only for past experiences, but from stigmatization common to former child soldiers). Through the compassion of a donor, she was able to have surgery to erase that physical reminder of her past.

Through holistic care programs and the help of loving counselors, Nighty has a new life. She is actively being transformed inside and out. Overcoming so many hurdles – Nighty has become a leader both in her school and her community. Today, Nighty radiates with a strength and beauty she never thought possible! Praise the Lord!



Children of Peace Uganda

At Exile International, we know the value of working through local caregivers and teammates. Their experiences and cultural awareness are key to successful programs. Without them, Exile International’s opportunities to serve would be limited.

Thanks to a partnership with Children of Peace Uganda (a locally-led organization) children like Nighty are receiving the care they need! Through this partnership, Peace Clubs were launched in LRA-affected, northern Uganda and over 300 children have begun healing their wounds of trauma. Each receiving physical, emotional and spiritual care from loving, skilled caregivers.

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