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No guilt, no shame, no more

I have a sweet, sweet soul in my life that has been through similar experiences of abuse, exploitation and hurt in her life. She advocates for these children and has worked tirelessly to deal with her own trauma. Before Alaina and I left for this trip, she sent me an email that said: I hope while you are in Africa, you teach those little girls that there is “no guilt, no shame, no more”. When she was coming out of her own trauma, she found her own healing when she was able to shake the hold that guilt and shame had over her for so many years.

Sweet friend, meet a little girl named Cipha. Her skin wears the scars of repeated rapes and beatings. She worked tirelessly in the trauma workshop with a look of consternation on her brow. She wanted to understand her hurt and live beyond it one day. At the end of the training, I taught her the English words “no guilt, no shame, no more.” This is the resulting smile. Thank you for reminding me the importance of releasing guilt and shame. Cipha will never be the same.


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Location:Goma, Congo

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