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Painting a Future for Peace

Then We Will Create

We recently announced a new partnership between Exile International, Jeremy Cowart and Composite Films documenting the use of art therapy for former child soldiers and war-affected children in Uganda and DR of Congo. Jeremy and his team will be joining us in Uganda in just one week!

Jeremy Cowart will pair his passion for humanitarian storytelling and art Рcreating an exhibit with unique work from the project and a documentary to amplify the voices of these children. Our heartbeat is to see these children experience healing and hope through art therapy and in sharing their stories of redemption with the world. We believe this project will not only be life changing for these children, but for all who come in contact with it. We want to invite you into this journey. Become a part of it and watch it unfold.  Empowering children of war to become leaders for peace.

The LRA painted their past… It’s time for them to paint their future.

Art for Art: Funding from the indiegogo campaign will go toward travel expenses, production costs for art composites and a documentary focusing on weekly art therapy groups led by local African counselors. These groups provide trauma care, forgiveness, peace-building, and leadership skills for former LRA child soldiers and child survivors of war.

Funding generated by this project will be used to support on-going rehabilitative work for the children supported by Exile International in Congo and Uganda.

Will you join us? Here are 3 easy steps:
1) Watch the video here
2) Pledge your support here
3) Help us spread the word by sharing on your Facebook and Twitter (we know you guys are PROS at this!)

Thank you for your support of this new partnership! ~The Exile Team

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