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Partnering with The Well

Exile International has been utilizing The Well’s cozy environment for office space and team meetings for months now. We’ve been developing relationships with the staff and board since our first partnership took place back in August when The Well hosted an Exile International fundraising event. Then for the holiday season, The Well invited us to display and sell our merchandise for holiday shoppers. What started as a small table displaying Exile jewelry, t-shirts, and hoodies, grew into something much more – now including photography from Jeremy Cowart’s recent project with Exile and process drawings from art therapy with the courageous child-survivors of war we have the privilege to serve. It’s a blessing, honor and responsibility to share the stories of these remarkable survivors in the beautiful space provided by The Well. From day one, it was a perfect fit, not simply for a display, but for a partnership of missions.

As a team, we continue to be impressed by the manner in which The Well serves this community and communities all over the world. They touch lives in Nashville by offering a welcoming space that breathes life on everyone who enters. They also make a difference in our city through the Wishing Well – a wall where people post and respond to prayer requests, job, transportation and housing needs, mission support requests, and much more. At the same time, they transform the lives of individuals across the globe by taking donations to build a well, selling handmade goods that empower artisans in India, Honduras, Haiti, Ethiopia and Uganda.  Still further, they donate profits to partnering organizations like The Living Water Project, Mission Lazurus, and Blood:Water Mission!

We are thrilled and thankful that our relationship with The Well has developed into an official partnership. When you walk into The Well, not only will you be greeted warmly by baristas who genuinely care when they ask how you’re doing, but you’ll continue to see our merchandise for sale and Exile’s logo proudly displayed on the chalkboard celebrating their partner organizations.

Business with a mission: The Well exists to support God’s mission of giving a life of freedom and hope to oppressed, underprivileged, and impoverished children, women, and men.  This missional effort is focused locally and globally through the giving of financial assistance, food, clothing, and other essentials of life. They do this by selling coffee and coffee products, then taking profits from sales and giving it away to those in need.

They believe that coffee + community = an opportunity to make the world a better place. We could not agree more, and we are excited to journey with The Well as they do just that.

If you haven’t been to The Well Coffeehouse in Green Hills, stop by for some of the best coffee in town. You’ll enjoy every sip, knowing you’re impacting lives just by drinking it. While you’re here, be sure to check out Exile’s merchandise.

Special thanks to The Well for transforming communities across the world, being a source of light and love in this city, and inviting Exile International to partner with you in making this world a better place.

– Jessie Risman, Exile International 


— More personal reflections from a venue that serves more than a great cup of joe —

I’ve never been a regular before. I always wanted to – thinking it would be fun to walk into a place I frequent, know the staff, and have my order memorized by them. I imagined I would feel pretty awesome about myself if that happened. Who wouldn’t want to experience that in their favorite coffeehouse?

But I’ve found so much more here at The Well. I walk in and am greeted warmly by name. My order is memorized, but more importantly, conversation commences. The baristas and I laugh and joke and catch up a bit. We barely know each other, but we’ve absorbed bits and pieces from cross-the-counter-convos, and I’m in here enough that it feels comfortable to chat. What would feel odd would be to not ask them how they’re doing… or to hear them respond with silence after a one-word reply.

Maybe it’s the first sip of my fresh brewed pour over Ethiopian Harrar that I order every time. Maybe it’s the all too familiar scent of espresso in the air. Maybe it’s the warm, rustic environment of dark woods and unmistakable burlap. Perhaps the airiness of sitting by the window. Or even just the knowledge of their mission as a nonprofit coffeehouse that exists to change lives. Made obvious by the goods for sale, mini displays by nonprofits like Exile International & Mission Lazarus (and more), colorful chalkboard announcing community events, and bookcase of inspirational reads. Maybe its just knowing that a large part of the $5 I spend here every day will go toward building a well or some other project that will equip and empower communities to rise out poverty and individuals to live out their full potential.

That’s big and should not be overlooked, but I know it’s more than that. Just like a well in a small village, this place is a hub for community and conversation. You hear whispers of groups in prayer, meeting talk by executives in suits, bible studies digging into the Word, students reviewing for exams, friends meeting after returning home from a mission trip, and individuals or entire organizations (like us) camping out here for office space. You hear passion, global concern, spiritual wisdom, and business expertise. I run into many familiar faces and meet many unknowns, who soon become those familiar faces, here.

There is love in this place. It shines through the windows that expand its perimeter and through the genuine welcome you receive before placing your order. It is a home to those who frequent it, as well as the first-timers who walk in for a cup of coffee unaware that there’s anything special about this place.

It’s more than a coffeehouse. And when I’m here, I’m more than a regular. I’m known, welcomed, and loved in what feels like my own home.

– Jessie                                                            


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