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Your Prayers & Support Needed

Dear Friends,

Your prayers are greatly needed at this time.  There is a great deal of fighting, instability and rebel activity in DR Congo right now. Estimates vary, but 100,000 to 200,000+ people have been displaced.  Tensions and rebel activity are worsening in North Kivu (which, among many things, includes abducting children).

According to the last email I received from our country director in Goma, DRC, the rebels are “enrolling” children from villages.  Rebel training centers have been established very near one of our most recent projects (in Kibumba, DRC).

Some of the children Exile and our partners aid in two rural towns have fled for fear of abduction (some of these children had previously been with this rebel group).  Our country director is working towards transporting the others to Goma (a larger city that is “safer“).

*Since writing this, I found out some of these children (pictured below) were abducted.  Some have already escaped and some are yet unaccounted for.  Our colleagues are currently searching for them in the bush.

Please stop and pray for them now, and definitely share this with anyone you know will pray.

My heart hurts for my friends and the citizens of this region.
But, I trust a God who cares far more for them than I.

More info: Congo-Kinshasa: Briefing – Crisis in North Kivu –

Matthew Williams
Director of Operations

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