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The Poza Project: Painting Peace with Former Child Soldiers

Through art, elements of their stories too difficult to share with words have been released… a major step in their healing.

“We are seeing them come to life. We are watching them be renewed.”
– Jeremy Cowart

Partnering with Jeremy Cowart to create collaborative art pieces with LRA child survivors that will be sold to fund/support art and rehabilitative care programs through Exile International.

  • Fostering a healing art and therapeutic process for 7 children

  • Capturing their story on film to further amplify their stories of healing

  • Reducing stigmas toward former LRA child soldiers within their communities.

Launch Event: Celebrating these children and inviting you to be a part of their story. 


Forty photos of the 8 LRA survivors (7 children and one former wife of Kony) showed their dignity and hope. Jeremy Cowart’s photography gave them life and voice. Jeremy also provided several “teaser” pieces eluding to the larger works he will create and sell to support the art therapy and rehabilitative care programs of Exile International. Be sure to watch the trailer video below!Project exhibit – featuring Jeremy Cowart‘s art pieces, art from each child and the full-length documentary set for early 2014.

The 7 children featured in The Poza Project continue to participate in weekly rehabilitative groups called “Peace Clubs,” started by Exile International and Children of Peace Uganda. in LRA affected, Northern Uganda.

Through art, elements of their stories too difficult to share with words have been released… a major step in their healing.

The Poza Project is a partnership between Exile International, Jeremy Cowart, Composite Films and Exile’s Ugandan partners at Children of Peace Uganda.

Empowering Children

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