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Thousands Displaced | Emergency Relief Needed

A prominent rebel group advanced in Eastern Congo, displacing 72,000+ children & families.

Thousands of children and families recently fled their communities to avoid rebel activity near a major city in DRC. These uprisings stretched across the surrounding communities, several of which are home to Exile peace programs, forcing 665 youth and foster families in Exile’s programs to flee.

These children and family members from multiple Exile peace programs left everything, arriving at overcrowded displacement camps with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Beginning this week, Exile teams in Goma distributed food and supplies to displaced members of the Exile family! The Goma leadership team coordinated and executed relief almost immediately. Less than 48 hours after sharing the plan and budget, people received food and much-needed supplies. Praise the Lord!

Give Now  Support Emergency Relief

Disaster Relief Plan

Urgent Emergency Aid for 110 Displaced Youth & Foster Families Impacted by Rebel Uprisings – $15,000

Now is the time to support these communities physically & emotionally. Help families in crisis by providing:

  • Food and cooking supplies for at least one week
  • Access to clean water and water basins
  • Blankets and other basic needs
  • Trauma care and counseling for children, families, and staff 
    • Exile counselors are providing trauma relief through expressive therapies.
    • We are mindful of the toll recent events have had (and are having) upon our teams. As they work hard to support others, we are committed to ensuring they are cared for and supported.

Provide Life-Saving Emergency Care

Prayer Requests from Exile Teams on the Ground:

  • Protection, endurance, and rest. While the rebels are retreating, displaced families are still unable to return home.
  • Safety for Exile teams while distributing food and supplies to affected families.
  • The emotional well-being of displaced families, especially those unable to receive emergency aid or whose children are still missing.
  • Peace for child survivors of war when traumatic events (like displacement) trigger PTSD.

Praises from Faithful Leaders:

  • Teams initially could not find over 40 youth from displaced peace programs, but local leaders safely located all missing children by Monday. We thank the Lord for their protection!
  • Rebel groups have pulled back from several key areas. Exile teams are prayerful that many displaced families will be able to start returning to their homes in the coming weeks.
  • We praise God for the tireless efforts of Exile teams in Eastern Congo. They are willing to walk in the face of fire to protect and serve child survivors of war. What a blessing it is to work with such fearless and faithful local leaders.

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