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Rise Again Rebuilding Gifts MATCHED up to $100,000

Exile’s Peace Lives Rehabilitation Center severely damaged in a devastating fire.

No one was injured, but parts of the residential headquarters were completely destroyed. 

On December 4th, Exile’s Peace Lives Rehabilitation Center caught fire while the children were at church. We praise God that every staff member and child were safely worshipping, but much of their home was destroyed in the fire. With violence at an all-time high in Eastern Congo, we need your help to rebuild immediately!

This just in: give today for your gifts to be MATCHED up to $100,000!

Your gifts will provide the resources needed to rebuild immediately, providing a safe space for Exile’s children and staff to call home once again. It’s going to take us all to meet these urgent needs, and every gift — from $10 to $100,000 — will be matched!

Help Exile’s Teams Rebuild

Starting TODAY (December 12th), all gifts will be MATCHED up to $100,000!

Resources to Rebuild Immediately Estimated $350,000

Exile’s Congolese leaders are working tirelessly to begin rebuilding! They’ve already begun laying the foundation for new spaces that, with your help, will be stronger and safer than ever before! Help heroes recovering from crisis by providing:

  • Temporary accommodations while teams work to find more “long-term” solutions;
  • Basic needs for child survivors of war who’ve (once again) lost everything;
  • & Resources to begin rebuilding dormitories, counseling centers, and other safe spaces for healing to happen for generations to come!

Prayer Requests from Exile Teams on the Ground:

  • Supernatural Provision of resources to rebuild immediately, making the center safer than ever before.
  • Protection & Secure Rest for teams as they prepare to rebuild.
  • Emotional well-being of the children and staff displaced by the fire, especially war-affected youth who might be triggered by traumatic events (like devastating fires and displacement).
  • Multiplied Resources to care for 400+ children and families displaced by increasing rebel violence in villages across Eastern Congo.
  • Peace to spread across the region, stopping rebel armies in their tracks and ending the war in the nation once and for all.

Praises from Faithful Leaders:

  • Exile’s children and staff were at church worshipping when the fire broke out, beginning in the dorms. It is not lost on us that many of our children could have been injured or even killed if the flames had begun any earlier. Praise God no one was injured. We thank the Lord for protecting Exile’s heroes and the children they serve.
  • We praise God for the unending faithfulness and dedication of Exile Congolese teams. From volcano eruptions and rebel ambushes to militia uprisings and fires, they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect and serve child survivors of war. What a blessing it is to work with such courageous and selfless local leaders.
  • We thank God for each of you, our compassionate Exile family. Time and time again, you continue to show up — supporting and praying for Exile teams in crisis. This tragedy was no exception. In the face of flames, we’ve seen an outpouring of support, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you for standing with child survivors of war when tragedy strikes.

Because of your kindness and God’s faithfulness, Exile’s teams will #RiseAgain.

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