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Learning to Say No

Learning to Say “No”

‘One day Rose and Joy were by themselves gathering food near the displacement camp. Rose suddenly asked, “You seem to be acting differently. Is something wrong?”

Joy didn’t answer for awhile and then slowly and quietly she replied, “Something bad happened when we were out in the bush… and now I feel dirty.”’

From “Healing Hearts Club” — a youth-oriented trauma healing curriculum utilized by Exile.


Meet Alice — Exile Program Graduate, University Graduate & SKILLED Counselor! 

From surviving to thriving… Alice is now helping others heal the wounds of trauma and loss. Alice was the perfect addition to EI’s counseling team in Congo! In this video, Alice is leading a lesson designed to teach children how to say no to “bad touch.”

Sexual abuse is very common among child survivors of war. Because of this, the trauma healing curriculum EI uses has an entire chapter covering this issue!

Our local counselors are continually mentoring and discipling the children in Exile’s programs through the sensitive traumas that they have endured. These counselors lead the children on their journey to healing utilizing many different techniques such as journaling, art and expressive modalities, one-on-one counseling, music, and call & response activities (as seen in the video).

Through these activities, children are able to see that they are not alone in their trauma. They are given tools to heal from their trauma, and can use their voices to speak out about the wrong that has been done to them.

Will you join us in prayer for the healing of the many victims of sexual abuse in conflict areas around the world?



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