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The Time Has Come

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Greetings, friends! We have some amazing news to share so be sure to read on!

UPDATE: Boys rescued!

“They are all now together! Singing and dancing,” A text from our Country Leader following the rescue of 30 former child soldiers this month! These boys had been hiding for fear of being re-abducted by rebel militia. Since our trip, the violence has increased. Over 300,000 have been displaced and the boys we most recently worked with were forced to flee.
Sometimes our work seems like a movie. But it’s not. It’s true life. And the hope is just as real!
We returned from our last trip to Africa with full hearts and new needs. After working with over 200 war-affected youth, we left asking their greatest need. The answer: Food and Water.


After our teammates found the boys and brought them to safety, we rejoiced. We thanked God. And we asked again… what is the greatest need. And again they answer: Food and Water.
We invite you to be a part of this beautiful story by making a one time donation, becoming a monthly donor, sponsoring one of these children, or becoming a church or business partner. As a thank you, all new $25 monthly sponsors and child sponsors will receive a free ‘believe’ t-shirt!

In the middle of these happenings in Congo, we are excited to announce the beginning of Peace Clubs in Northern Uganda through a partnership with Children of Peace Uganda. Entering into villages where no help has been given since the LRA attacks – the needs are great. We cannot wait to see these children receive heart care and become the next peace leaders in their communities!


4 year anniversary giving campaign

So on the week of our 4th birthday, we say “The Time Has Come” to step up and step out! Take a peek at what the last few years have held here! Also, we return to Africa for two months beginning this week and we’d love your prayers!
We first want to THANK YOU for your support the past 4 years! We have served many children together and there are many more to serve!
We also have some BIG announcements the next few weeks so stay tuned! But for now: Come journey with us! Learn more here.

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